Context Linking

Context Linking is the new way of conveying the context which made you share or like a link rather than sharing an entire page.

Context Linking improves your users experience by allowing them to share content as and when they come across it. This helps in increasing traffic to your site.

Our powerful analytics platform allows you to see the exact content that people are sharing from your site, which other sites are Context Linking to your site and many more which will help you attract more users.

Adding Context linking to your site is very simple.

1] Register  in and add the app id as a meta property in the head section.

<meta property="clinks:appid" content="534243f633742bf17ac17494"/>

2] Add a link to our context.min.js in the head section

<script src="" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"/>

Share specific text

Sharing a line in a page is much easier than sharing an entire page

Comment on the text that you share

Optionally allow your users to add their comments wtih shared text


Fine grained analytics on what is being shared from your website

Cross linking

Analytics on which other sites are context linking to your site

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